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    Scan Technology L.L.C. was established as a limited liability company in 2001 by Mr. Subash Thakkar and for over 16 years we have been providing our customers with the promise of warm and friendly service, combined with exceptional quality with the highest standards at an affordable price.
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Scan Technology is a Limited Liability Company established in 2001 by CEO and Founder, Mr. Subash Thakkar. We are a Software Sales, Implementation, Consultancy and Development Company offering leading edge software solutions for a range of vertical and horizontal business requirements. For over 16 years, we’ve nurtured our expertise and relationship with our customers. We mainly cater to SMB organizations and provide our customers solutions of exceptional quality with the highest standards at an affordable price. Our operating geography comprises of the United Arab Emirates with our headquarters in Dubai.

Our Vision

Our organization believes in adopting and imparting innovations in the Information Technology Domain and we envision to liberate businesses from legacy systems and provide them with the best technology to deliver their true business potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations digitize their processes so they can bridge the gap between their current and potential growth.

Our company values

Scan Technology is inspired and fostered by a strong value system. By continually investing in our people and concentrating on offering the highest level of service to our customers, we have been able to build a strong team of empowered professionals and enjoy great working relationships with our customers and business partners.

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