• Scanshare Document Management System

Enhanced Efficiency for Document Management Systems

Scanshare takes data capture, processing and workflow to the next level with the powerful tools it provides. It allows organizations to digitize by capturing data from scanned documents, email, electronic documents and database events. The data can be transformed and normalized into standard searchable forms. It also allows you to connect to ERP systems, cloud hosts and networked file servers. 

Scanshare document scanning solutions help organizations of all sizes improve the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their paper-based information workflows. Operated by an embedded office multifunctional application, or the native Windows client, Scanshare's server application can convert your day-to-day business documents into editable, electronic files and route them to the desired location, rapidly.

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Functionalities of Scanshare


Document capture,processing and routing solutions


Scalable document management archival and workflow suite


Task based action engine accelerates business process 


Tailored  Solutions that fit your organisation perfectly