The solution to all your expense related needs

Zoho Expense is an online expense reporting software for businesses to automate their expense report creation and approval. Zoho Expense performs expense reporting and monitoring and turns it into an enjoyable experience. Automate a variety of operations and record your transactions in a snap. Convert receipts into expenses and generate reports on the go with their smartphone application that works just as well as the desktop version.

ZOHO Expense captures credit card transactions and converts those into expenses. Additionally, ZOHO Expense eliminates all confusion related to allowed expenditures and spending limits and makes sure your company’s expense policies are compliant and consequently enforced. Receipts can be dragged-and-dropped on the main screen, or sent to email recipients on their unique IDs, and synchronized with their personal and corporate credit cards.

ZOHO Expense is compliant with VAT regulations in the UAE and allows for smoother transition and maintenance of your organization with regard to the laws and regulations.

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All That You Need For Effortless Expense Reporting






Functionalities of ZOHO Expense

Auto scan receipts

Add expenses easily

Bill your customers

Store receipts digitally

Merge duplicate expenses

Bill your customers

Forward receipts from your inbox

Map debit and credit cards

Policy violations reports

Easy expense reporting

Interactive dashboards

Customize your reporting

Create approval workflows and set up preferences

Click and convert credit transactions into expenses