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A 360 degree HR management system

Zoho People is a suite of business applications and tools that provides a simple and versatile HR platform that covers employee management operations, records, attendance, and leave. It is a solution ideal for businesses that wish to customize and implement their HR systems effectively.

Zoho People covers all of your HR management operations, and makes resources easily accessible on the go. Employees will now be in position to report times from mobile devices, check their schedules, ask for time-offs, or communicate with managers and peers at any moment of time. Real-time collaboration provides an ideal environment to solve problems and share ideas. Zoho People is also enabled to manage travel requests, approvals, travel documentation, and post-travel reimbursements.

Zoho People is integrated with an array of applications which eliminate redundant data entry and provides a scalable and affordable pricing scheme that businesses can benefit from.

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Functionalities of Zoho People
Functionalities of Zoho People
Zoho people human resource management

  • Leave Management: Record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: vacation, training, sick days, etc.  Analyze absence patterns to increase efficiency.

  • Attendance Management: Track employee check-ins, leave, attendance through an interactive mobile interface. Analyze employee track records using visually appealing reports.

  • Time Tracker: Track time spent by employees on tasks. Monitor team’s efficiency and improve their overall productivity.

  • Performance Appraisal: Allows goal-setting and tracking productivity. Analyze abilities and performance of employees with a 360 degree view.

  • Employee Self Service: View attendance reports, approvals and permissions. Allows employees to add jobs and log time and update skills. Access to announcements and real-time collaboration through a feed.

  • Mobile Applications on iOS and Android: Intuitive geolocation based check-in and check out. Allows flexibility as employees can choose their endpoints.

  • HR Analytics to view and derive individual and collaborative performance.

Overview of Zoho People
Overview of Zoho People
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