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Zoho Recruit is a powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that streamlines your hiring process. Cast a wider net for the talent you need, track resumes and interviews efficiently, and never miss out on a great hire. It helps source and reach candidates, create and publish job openings, handle resumes, and communicate more effectively with qualified applicants.

Zoho Recruit makes hiring easier, as it automates all business-specific recruitment processes. It is customization to match your needs while strict user access controls ensure security. All active job openings are listed and displayed in chronological order, with target dates and open fields for the applicant to submit immediately. For each opening, you can read the data of the recruiter, status, dates, locations, company and position information.

It manages candidates and current employees on your behalf, using information stored on your databases. As it is cloud-based, it can be deployed immediately without any complex installations.

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Functionalities Of ZOHO Recruit

Hire The Best For
 Your Team

No More Fear For 
​Lost Resumes

Analytics That Lead 
To Strategies

Easy Software, 
Easier Integrations

Automate Your 

Keep Candidates In 
the Know